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Are you ready to see your book published? Still unclear as to what you need to get your manuscript out of your drawer and on to the bookshelf? Keep reading to discover the services we offer -- and the services you need to make your book shine.


Content Editing

Content editing, as the name implies, focuses on checking the content of your manuscript. Also called story editing, content edits check for discrepancies in the plot, characters, or dialogue within your story. A content edit will also evaluate your story's themes and character development, along with ensuring consistent point of view, sufficient tension on every page, etc.


Content edits are THE MOST important part of the editing process. But they are also the most time-consuming and, therefore, the most expensive. If your budget doesn't allow for content edits, it is imperative that you work with a writing critique partner (or group) who can help you identify these issues prior to publication. 

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the final step before publishing your book. Copy editing involves correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses and other grammatical errors.


Although not as labor-intensive as content editing, copy edits require attention to detail and a strong command of the English language.


Nothing pulls a reader out of a story like a misspelled word or a missing punctuation mark. A well-edited book keeps your reader right where they need to be -- focused on your characters and your story.

Copy edits are done via track changes in either Microsoft Word or Open Office (client's choice). Content edits will be done via track changes as needed, in addition to an in-depth, written analysis of content, character and other relevant details.

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